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Figure 1 shows each type of ammunition Figure 1 Different types of artillery rounds.Shell Casings Shell casings come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. = Price Includes Core Charge* = Sold with the understanding that this part will be installed and fit by a qualified gunsmith** = Factory installation only*** = Customer fitting required**** = Nu-Line installation only***** = FFL required - Gun transfers (Frames, Receivers, Guns)****** = Sold to Gunsmith only - FFL required Note: Refundable only if old part is rebuildable and is returned prepaid to us with a copy of the invoice Note: Price quote for parts, does not include labor, taxes, handling, insurance or shipping Nu Line Guns Inc bought all of the parts from Winchester for the Model 12.

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Size/Style: 20ga Bids: (subscribers) Final Price: $(subscribers)" box-description="empty Montgomery Ward Co.

20 gauge RED HEAD, 2 3/4 INCH, TARGET LOAD, SMOKELESS, shot shell box.

sold in last 9 days for $(subscribe) 20ga, Montgomery Ward Co.

Category: BOXES Date Sold: 5/14/2017Make: Montgomery Ward Co.

Here's what I do to determine the age of the cases by determining the date the Winchester ammunition boxes they came in rolled off the production line, with the help of examples from my modest collection, and being able to equate their lot numbers to a specific date. This box has white paperboard tray with holes, which further narrows the date to 1994-1996.

Earlier boxes of this design contain a red plastic tray with white foam insert. Its lot number 86KM72 equates to production line 86, 27 November 1995. It contains a styrofoam tray holding WINCHESTER-headstamped cases.

A complete round of artillery ammunition, with the exception of blank ammunition, always consists of a projectile, propellant, and a primer.

The propellant can either be blackpowder or smokeless powder in the form of cylindrical grains of various sizes.

It, too, contains a styrofoam tray holding WINCHESTER-headstamped cases.

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